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Identification of authenticity of silk

There are various methods to distinguish genuine and fake silk, and the following is a detailed introduction



Maintenance of Silk

Silk has weak toughness. When wearing silk clothing, it is not advisable to rub against cold mats, wooden boards, or rough objects to avoid picking or breaking the silk. Be diligent in changing and washing, because silk is a protein fiber, and if the juice stains adhere for a long time, they can easily bind with the protein, causing the silk to turn yellow and smell, making it difficult to clean.



The production process of silk

Silk production methods There are five main steps in silk production: raising silkworm pupae, cocoon production, cocoon stripping, spinning, and dyeing.



The benefits of silk clothing

The benefits of silk clothing The weather is hot, and people love to wear clothes made of real silk fabric. Real silk clothes are not only elegant and luxurious, but also smooth and pleasant, breathable and comfortable to wear. Real silk is very familiar to everyone, only knowing it is good, but not knowing what kind of good method it is. Below, we will introduce the characteristics of real silk and its benefits to the human body.

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