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Maintenance of Silk
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Detailed introduction

1. Reasonable wear and use

Silk has weak toughness. When wearing silk clothing, it is not advisable to rub against cold mats, wooden boards, or rough objects to avoid picking or breaking the silk. Be diligent in changing and washing, because silk is a protein fiber, and if the juice stains adhere for a long time, they can easily bind with the protein, causing the silk to turn yellow and smell, making it difficult to clean.


2. Mild washing

The dyes used in silk printing and dyeing processing are mainly weakly acidic dyes, neutral dyes, and some direct dyes, which have poor dyeing fastness and are not suitable for washing at high temperatures. Silk is not alkali resistant, and alkaline detergents or soap should not be used for cleaning. Neutral soap or specialized detergent for silk wool should be used, and it should be cleaned with clean water.

Due to the fine and delicate nature of silk fibers, they are prone to pilling and whitening. When washing, they can only be gently flipped and should not be vigorously rubbed or brushed, nor should they be placed in a washing machine for cleaning. Silk is prone to wrinkling after washing due to its poor wet elasticity, so it is not advisable to wring it dry with force. After washing, gently lift the water out of the water and place it in a cool place to let it dry. During the drying process, gently straighten it with your hands, such as at the collar, cuffs, etc.

3. Cool and dry

Silk clothing should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, with the inner layer facing outward. Dyed silk has poor sun fastness, and if exposed to sunlight or prolonged exposure to light, it will fade. Silk fabrics should be placed in a cool and dry place without direct sunlight, as their yellowing or discoloration will be reduced, which can effectively prevent them from becoming brittle and deteriorating, thereby extending their service life.

4. Dry and clean collection

Silk clothing has strong moisture absorption and is not suitable for storage in humid environments. When the air is relatively humid, silk clothing will absorb moisture from the air, and over time, it will develop mold spots. Therefore, before collecting, it is necessary to air dry the silk clothes thoroughly. Storage cabinets should be kept clean and dry. If placed in camphor wood boxes, it can prevent insect infestation.

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