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Identification of authenticity of silk
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Detailed introduction

There are various methods to distinguish genuine and fake silk, and the following is a detailed introduction

1, Price identification method. The price of real silk fabrics is about twice that of synthetic fibers and synthetic silk satin, so the higher priced ones are usually real silk.

2, Combustion method. When silk burns, there is no visible open flame and a smell similar to burning hair. The ashes are black particles that can be crushed by hand; Imitation silk will ignite flames when exposed to fire, with a plastic smell. After the fire is extinguished, hard rubber blocks will be left at the edges.

3. Observe the color and feel. Silk has a smooth appearance, elegant and soft luster, and a soft and elegant hand feel. The silk thread is dense, and there may be wrinkles when grasped by hand; Although the simulated silk fabric has undergone debonding treatment and has a soft texture, the silk surface is dull and lacks pearl luster; Chemical fiber fabrics have a bright and dazzling luster, with a relatively firm hand feel.

4. Product identification method. Domestic silk and satin have a unified product number consisting of 5 Arabic numerals, with the first digit representing the material number of the fabric, and the full silk fabric is labeled as "1".

5, 84 disinfectant identification method. Put the silk fabric into a container containing 84 disinfectant and continue stirring. The silk fabric will gradually dissolve and become a light yellow liquid.

6. Dry cleaning elasticity recognition method. The elasticity of ordinary silk is consistent in dry and wet environments, and it is relatively resilient; The elasticity of simulated silk varies greatly in dry and wet environments, with dry toughness and wet brittleness.

7. Listening recognition method. When real silk fabric is rubbed, there will be a special rustling sound, while the sound of imitation silk friction is different.

8, Weighing method. Real silk fabrics are lighter than simulated silk fabrics.


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