Our company was established in 2010, starting from a small silkworm farm and gradually growing into a diversified international corporation integrating industry and trade. The founder of the company, MIYA JI, was born on a silkworm farm, where her grandparents and parents had been engaged in sericulture for generations. After graduating from university, she was determined to work in the silk industry and showcase silk products to the world. Our company's rich background in sericulture enables us to produce high-quality silk textiles, giving us an unparalleled advantage over typical silk companies. From silkworm breeding to silk production, design, and logistics, we take every aspect seriously.
The name of our company comes from the Japanese word for “excellence.” Striving to be an excellent company, with excellent products, excellent members, and excellent business management and operations, is our business philosophy. We firmly believe that every product leaving our warehouse to reach the world is of the highest quality. We believe that every product should have its own place and value. Behind the glamorous silk lies the lifetime cost of each silkworm. Through the hands of our workers, it transforms into a beautiful piece, breathing new life into it as it is presented before us.
Why Choose Us?
1.Quality is our top priority. With over a decade of experience, our company uses high-quality mulberry silk as raw material and employs advanced production techniques to create exquisite silk products. Our silk ranks among the best in the world.
2.Fashionable and unique design styles. Traditional silk products often lack variety and uniqueness. Our company independently designs a wide range of innovative silk products. We have applied for dozens of appearance design patents.
3.Customer-centric business philosophy. We take every inquiry seriously and strive to provide customers with a comfortable purchasing experience. We customize products according to customers’ needs, including quantity, style, pattern, and packaging, based on their specifications.
4.Stable supply sources. Leveraging the advantages of China’s silk-producing regions, our factory operates in an orderly manner, ensuring prompt delivery.
5.Hassle-free pre-sales and after-sales service. Our customer service personnel are available 24- hour online. If there are any issues with our products, we support returns and exchanges. We not only prioritize after-sales service but also pay attention to pre-sales service. Our staff is available online 24 hours a day, and we will respond to you within 8 hours. We can provide free color cards or samples. If you're interested, you only need to pay a $5 shipping fee, and we will mail them to you.
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